Donna's Latest Announcement - Generating Great Market Interest And Feedback

Jul 4, 2024

At Donna, we are transforming how sales professionals work by automating CRM data entry and allowing them to focus on selling. Our innovative AI assistant recently secured significant funding, underscoring our potential to revolutionize the sales industry. Donna was featured in 30+ press articles around the globe, showing that sales people are eager to work with Donna soon.

Donna's $1.6M Funding Success - As reported by Tech Funding News, our AI assistant raised $1.6M to streamline CRM tasks for sales professionals on the go.

  1. Innovative Sales Automation - De Krantenkoppen highlighted how Donna's digital assistant is transforming sales workflows with 1.5 million euros in seed capital.

  2. Expansion Plans - Business AM discussed our plans to use the new funding to expand in the EU and US.

  3. Streamlining Sales Tasks - Belgium Cloud covered our journey to make sales professionals' tasks more efficient.

  4. Keeping Sales Teams On Track - Nieuwskoppen explains how our AI ensures sales teams focus on crucial customer interactions.

  5. Reducing Administrative Burdens - TechPulse highlights Donna's potential in transforming sales data management.

  6. Accelerating Market Rollout - TVGemist emphasizes how our recent funding will speed up our rollout.

  7. Founders’ Vision - MandA focuses on our founders' backgrounds and the startup's promising future.

  8. Seamless CRM Integration - Emerce details how Donna integrates with popular CRM systems to ease sales processes.

  9. Changing the Sales Landscape - DVO explains how our AI is revolutionizing the sales landscape.

  10. Impact on Various Industries - Foodservice Alliance talks about our impact across different sectors.

  11. Sales Rep Assistance - ICT Magazine shares insights on how our AI assistant aids sales reps.

  12. Funding Details - TechNews180 provides details on our recent funding round.

  13. Expansion and Talent Acquisition - ITdaily focuses on our expansion and talent acquisition plans.

  14. Growth Strategy - EU-Startups highlights our growth strategy.

  15. Mobile Sales Rep Assistance - TechnicalBeep discusses how our AI assists mobile sales reps.

  16. Future Ambitions - covers our ambitious future plans.

  17. Innovative Sales Approach - Startup Rise details our innovative approach to sales assistance.

  18. Technology and Goals - CIO Look provides insights into our technology and future goals.

  19. Staying Organized - HelloImmo shares how our AI helps sales teams stay organized.

  20. Transforming Sales Processes - PharmaMarketeer discusses our role in transforming sales processes.

  21. Achievements and Future Plans - BeBeez highlights our achievements and future plans.

Our personal highlight? Hearing Donna's voice in the podcast De 7 by De Tijd - broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of listeners!

What This Means for Our Vision

This funding is a major milestone that allows us to accelerate our growth, attract top talent, and continue enhancing Donna’s capabilities. We aim to integrate seamlessly within even more of the existing tools of a sales person and expand Donna’s functionalities to provide even greater value to our users.

What’s Next?

We’re excited about the future. Our immediate plans include rolling out new features, expanding our market presence, and continually gathering feedback to improve Donna. We believe in building a product that evolves with the needs of its users.

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