Data Processing Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

In the delivery of the Services and the Platform, and through the Customer’s use of the Services, Dealside may have access to some data which qualifies as Personal Data and for which Dealside acts as a Processor. This Data Processing Agreement, entered into between Dealside and the Customer, governs the Processing of Personal Data in this context.
This Data Processing Agreement applies in addition to the other provisions as set out in the Contract which shall continue to apply also to the activities as contemplated herein.
Capitalized notions used throughout this Data Processing Agreement shall have the meaning attributed to them as set out in the Terms and Conditions, unless as otherwise expressly specified in this Data Processing Agreement.
1. Additional definitions
1.1. “Data Protection Legislation” means any applicable legislation in force regarding the processing and protection of Personal Data, including the European GDPR Regulation 2016/679 and the Belgian implementation thereof.
1.2. “Data Controller", "Data Processor", "Data Subject", "Personal Data”, "Data Breach", “Transfer”, and "Processing" / ”Processed” / ”Process” shall have the same meanings as set out in the Data Protection Legislation.
1.3. “Customer Personal Data” means Personal Data Processed (such as stored, uploaded, accessed, sent, communicated, amended, etc.) through use of the Platform / Services, including CDS Data, but excluding Dealside Production Data, Platform Usage Data and data as referred to in clause 2.1 of this Data Processing Agreement (including without limitation customer contact information, business details and transaction details).
2. Processing as a Data Controller
2.1. Any Personal Data in relation to which Dealside acts as a Data Controller (such as Dealside Production Data, Platform Usage Data and Customer business representative Personal Data, including addresses, email, telephone number and other information which is shared generally and necessarily as a result of the (potential) business relationship between Dealside and the Customer and their respective representatives) shall be Processed in accordance with the Privacy Statement. Please refer to this document for further information.
3. Processing as a Data Processor
3.1. Nature and purposes of Processing the Personal Data
(a)  As a result of the nature of the Platform and Services supplied, Dealside may have access to and Process certain Customer Personal Data which are stored on or are connected to the Platform / Services. Dealside will only process Customer Personal Data on behalf of and under the documented and lawful instructions of Customer, for the purposes of the Contract and as set out herein.
(b)  Dealside may Process these Customer Personal Data for purposes of providing the Platform and Services, hence for the performance of the Contract. The parties acknowledge that the execution and performance of the Contract and the use of the Platform and the Services constitute the documented instructions of Customer. The Processing activities are further described in clause 14 below.
(c)  Any additional Processing of Customer Personal Data requires the written consent of the Customer, and Dealside may evaluate (and refuse) such additional Processing activities. Dealside may also inform the Customer in the event any Processing instruction may constitute a breach of Data Protection Legislation.
3.2. Roles of the Parties
In respect of what is set out in clause 3.1:
(a)  Dealside shall in such capacity act solely as a Data Processor, not as a Data Controller, and respect the obligations imposed on it as set out in Data Protection Legislation.
(b)  The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Processing activities referred to in this clause 3 are an integral part of the standard Services offering of Dealside and are thus performed on the instruction of the Customer, who wishes to make use of the same. The Contract (including this Data Processing Agreement) and its provisions are Customer’s documented instructions to Dealside for Processing Customer Personal Data. Additionally, where Dealside is obliged by applicable law to Process Personal Data, it shall have the right to do so.
(c)  The Customer shall at all times act as a Data Controller in relation to Customer Personal Data. As a result, the Customer shall comply with all of its obligations as a Data Controller under Data Protection Legislation, including without limitation obtaining and maintaining all necessary and valid consents and providing sufficient transparency. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Customer shall (i) have sole responsibility for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality and reliability of Customer Personal Data and of the means by which it acquired Customer Personal Data and (ii) comply with all applicable Data Protection Legislation in collecting, compiling, storing, sharing, transferring, accessing and using Customer Personal Data when making use of the Services.
4. Duration
4.1.  This Data Processing Agreement enters into force together with the Contract and shall remain in force during the term of the Contract.
4.2.  After termination of the Contract, Dealside shall have no right to Process Customer Personal Data, unless (a) where anonymised or aggregated and/or in statistical form, and (b) except for Processing necessary for compliance with its own legal, regulatory, accounting and tax obligations.
4.3.  Without prejudice to clause 4.2, where after termination of the Contract any Customer Personal Data would remain on any of Dealside’s systems, the Customer has the right to request the deletion or return of such Customer Personal Data in Dealside’s standard data format. Any such request must be submitted to Dealside in writing.
5. Sub-processors
5.1.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that Dealside may rely on sub-Processors to support the provision of the Platform and Services, when strictly necessary for the performance of the Contract.
5.2.  Dealside maintains an up-to-date list of its sub-Processors, which it updates on a regular basis. The list of Dealside’s sub-Processors can be provided upon written request by the Customer.
5.3.  For the avoidance of doubt, use of sub-Processors will not relieve, waive or diminish any obligation Dealside has under this Data Processing Agreement. In that sense, Dealside shall only use sub-Processors offering a sufficient level of appropriate technical and organisational measures to meet the requirements of Data Protection Legislation and it shall agree on contractual provisions with such sub-Processor which are similar to those as stated herein.
6. Data Subject rights and Customer assistance
6.1. During the term of the Contract, Dealside shall, to the extent possible for Dealside and to the extent the Customer (who shall at all times be the first contact point of its own customers or business relations) has no other means to meet its obligations under Data Protection Legislation, provide the Customer with reasonable assistance to meet its obligations under Data Protection Legislation and as provided for in Data Protection Legislation (particularly to assist the Customer in ensuring compliance with the obligations resulting from Articles 32 to 36 of the European GDPR Regulation 2016/679). The Customer shall reimburse Dealside for any reasonable costs incurred as a result of such assistance.
6.2. In the event Dealside would receive any request from a Data Subject (of whom Customer Personal Data is Processed under this Contract) or business relation of the Customer to access, delete, correct, block or otherwise Process Personal Data Processed under the Contract, the Parties agree that Dealside shall inform the Customer of the same and hand over all relevant communications to the Customer without first responding to it directly.
7. Security
7.1.  The Customer, as a Data Controller, is entirely and solely responsible for the security of its own data (including Customer Personal Data).
7.2.  With respect to Processing Customer Personal Data and to minimize risks of any misuse thereof, and more in general in relation to the Processing of Personal Data: (i) Dealside shall ensure that access to Customer Personal Data by personnel of Dealside is limited to that of its personnel who require such access to perform the Contract and that such personnel to whom it grants access to such Customer Personal Data are directed to keep such Customer Personal Data confidential; (ii) Dealside shall maintain appropriate administrative, physical, technical and organizational safeguards for protection of Customer Personal Data having regard its role; (iii) to the extent relevant, and unless notification is delayed by the actions or demands of a law enforcement agency, Dealside shall report to the Customer the unauthorized acquisition, access, use, disclosure or destruction of Personal Data, (a “Breach”) promptly following determination by Dealside that a Breach occurred on its systems and Dealside shall reasonably assist the Customer with the investigation and mitigation of the impact of any such Breach as well as any notification obligation towards a supervisory authority that may be necessary.
8. Transfers
8.1. In the event of a Transfer of Customer Personal Data to a third country outside the EU and outside the EEA (each a “Third Country”), the Parties acknowledge that steps must be taken to ensure that such data transfers comply with Data Protection Legislation. In this sense, Dealside shall comply with the provisions of Data Protection Legislation allowing Transfers, such as Transferring to a Third Country offering an adequate level of protection, use of the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses, etc.
9. Audit
9.1.  Upon the Customer’s reasonable request, Dealside shall provide such information to the Customer necessary to demonstrate its compliance with Data Protection Legislation. The Customer can also request an independent third-party auditor, to be approved in writing by Dealside, to conduct an audit. The contract with such auditor shall require the auditor to respect Dealside’s confidentiality obligations, trade secrets and confidential information and shall solely relate to compliance with Data Protection Legislation. Notwithstanding the foregoing and for the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing may in no way materially impede the Customer, or a third party auditor, from conducting an audit as described herein.
9.2.  An audit can only be required taking into account reasonableness and for a maximum of once (1) per two (2) years unless Data Protection Legislation or guidance by a competent supervisory authority would dictate otherwise. Audits shall be conducted at a time agreed with Dealside in writing, and in each event during normal business hours and without interruption to Dealside’s normal business operations.
9.3.  The audit report shall be provided to Dealside by the auditors before it is finalised, so that Dealside can make any comments it may have, and the final report should take account of and respond to these comments. The audit report will then be sent to Dealside and discussed in a meeting between the Parties.
9.4.  In the event the final audit report reveals breaches of the commitments made in the performance of this Data Processing Agreement, Dealside shall propose a corrective action plan within a maximum of twenty (20) working days from the meeting between the Parties.
9.5.  The Customer shall bear all costs related to such audits, unless a substantial breach of Data Protection Legislation attributable to Dealside results from such audit.
10. Costs
10.1. Services and assistance rendered by Dealside to the Customer hereunder shall be charged at Dealside’s then-current hourly rates, unless where stated otherwise in this Data Processing Agreement.
11. Notice of default
11.1. When Dealside fails to comply with its obligations under this Data Processing Agreement, the Customer shall first send a registered notice of default. This notice shall clearly mention the defaults that occurred, and, if redress is possible, a proposal of remedial measures and a reasonable term for their implementation.
12. Liability
12.1.  The provisions in relation to liability as set out in the Terms and Conditions are applicable to this Data Processing Agreement and all services provided by Dealside in respect of this Data Processing Agreement.
12.2.  Dealside shall in any event only be liable for direct damages caused by a Processing activity of Dealside which breaches this Data Processing Agreement and subject to the terms as set out herein.
13. General
13.1. The provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall also apply mutatis mutandis to this Data Processing Agreement, unless explicitly stated otherwise herein.
14. Description of the Processing activities
  • Subject: See our Services description on Dealside's website

  • Nature: Collection, organization, structuring, storage, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, alignment or combination, restriction, modification and amendment, erasure or destruction

  • Purpose: Performance of the Contract

  • Duration: Term of the Contract

  • Personal Data: Identification data, contact data, professional data

  • Data Subject: Customer partnerships and business contacts, including personal data on related data subjects

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